climbing the green mountain

Planning the Weekend

I am a big user of Google MyMaps because it helps me pin locations of things to do. I pin a good amount of activities after doing some research (TripAdvisor, Google search, Yelp, asking friends on Facebook) and then turn the map into an itinerary with events in Google Calendar.

The drive up from NYC to Vermont is 5 hours and I like to schedule a break within 2 hours of being the car.

Every trip gets a bit easier to plan since I learn how to plan better with every new adventure! I showed my friends a screenshot of the Google Calendar events and they were like 😮 (gasp, so many things). Not everything ended up according to plan but I am happy with how the weekend turned out and the modifications we made to fit other things we wanted to do and where to charge the car ⚡.

Another thing I love to do is backtrack the events that day by adding it to the Google Calendar. That way, I won’t forget where I went (and if I missed an expense log), which helps write these blog posts!

Taking a Leap

Our first stop in Vermont was Buttermilk Falls. I read that it’s a nice place to be lazy in water. I did not expect people to be jumping off a cliff! We were looking at people do jump down for a few minutes before I decided to do it too! I always wanted to jump off a cliff into water… and why not? There were people taller and older than I am that we’re doing it--so it should be A-OK.

better hold your nose

Boardwalk to Waterfall

This entire walk/hike was a 35 minute road trip, including time to take some photos. I read online that this hike was relatively easy with 900 feet of boardwalk (read more @ Forest Service, USDA) before hitting rocky dirt roads to reach the waterfall, so I was not in full workout gear.

nice and breezy

Once you get to the rocky dirt road, it’s a quick walk before you start to hear the waterfall.

sunlight peeping in

The waterfall is 140 feet and you can take a cute photo :)

Summit Pond

In the Killington area, you cannot miss the Summit Pond! It looks beautiful at golden hour. Plus, there’s a pretty good restaurant there--The Foundry. We had dinner here twice. The second night included a fireworks show -- so if you’re planning a weekend, definitely make advance reservations to be seated outside.

now imagine the fireworks

Mountains Without Snow

When we arrived at Killington, I couldn’t help but giggle at how funny the Killington Mountain looked without snow. The last time we were here was in the winter (~4 years ago) to snowboard. It felt a bit strange coming back to this town and seeing the slopes a lighter green color compared to the rest of the mountain.

I learned that a big thing that people do here in the summer is mountain biking. At the Killington resort, I was waiting in line to rent a standup paddleboard and saw everyone wearing helmets and biking gear. I don’t think I can muster up the courage to go downhill supa fast. Although, the bike sounds safer than the snowboard since I can use one foot to break 🤔

On the paddleboards we go! What a great workout to start the day :)

work arms, work

Deer Leap Trail

We were here for for 2.5 hours! During our hike, there were some scouts training! They passed us so quickly.

one step, two step
watch out for the fallen trunk, KO

At the top, there were families. It was cute seeing some college kids with their parents. One of the moms was so scared because her kids were jumping to pose for a picture.

I caught a wild camera-holding-KO!

quick, throw a Pokeball!

Took so many photos, but can’t decide which I like most, so here’s a GIF to show my all poses.

these Merrell hiking boots + Anhu hiking boots are the BEST

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Chasing Wallpapers

Chasing Wallpapers