USA Road Trip (Apr - Sep 2021)

Oh hey, you found your way to Chasing Wallpapers and want to check out our adventures. Winnie sucks at taking photos and Kevin only likes taking pics that are intriguing or of natural settings – so this doesn't leave us with many photos! Plus, Winnie uninstalled the Instagram app if you're wondering why they haven't been sharing their travels like they used to.

Being on the move means that most of our free time after working is dedicated to:

  1. Actually checking out the city/town we are stay at
  2. Mapping out how to get to the next place and where to take breaks
  3. Planning what to do and eat at the next place
  4. Finding accommodations and reading reviews to make sure we don't end up with unfortunate surprises

Winnie has been wanting to post comic strips for a while, so why not use herself as the protagonist in this adventure?

Attempted to updated Sunday and Wednesday nights (ET)... but didn't last long lol

Publish Date: May 19, 2021

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