winter wonderland at lake placid

Travel Date: Feb 14, 2020

Since we experienced summer here, we knew we had to come back for winter 🙌🏻. The drive up from NYC to Lake Placid took longer than expected since we took more breaks.

A ton of snow dropped the Monday before our trip. We were so excited to see fresh snow ❄️ since the city didn’t have snow stick yet. We got to town at 8 PM with -5 degree weather and I was able to feel the chill through my thickest tights. It was definitely the coldest night of the season.

✅ Indulge in warm drinks

  • I enjoyed my hot cider from Top of the Park. I was sick so I avoided alcohol, but it's definitely a nice menu here for cocktails
  • The winter lattes from Base Camp Cafe & Cocktail can’t be missed. They are the only place open after 5p that serve coffee. $12 gets you a spiked one and $4.75 gets you a yummy one that tastes like dessert

✅ Make snow angels

  • The vacation home we rented had a backyard full of snow two feet high
  • We “shoveled” the staircase with our boots and plopped ourselves in. Never had I been able to do this growing up since the snow gets shoveled right away 😆
waterproof gear recommended

✅ Hit the slopes of Whiteface Mountain

  • The fresh powder was wonderful for all the runs down the mountain. Compared to the poconos where we typically go (Jack Frost Big Boulder or Camelback), the greens here were at least 2x wide. There were only 2 areas that were slightly icey— about 10 feet long, which is barely there.
  • The Facelift had long lines due to the holiday weekend but the staff was very efficient at lining everyone up and making sure it was a full seat of 4. The ride up was cold!
  • The food prices are reasonable and they seem to have a good cocktail bar based on all the drinks everyone was holding. Can’t say I tried any of it though 🙊

✅ Ride with the dogs

  • Dog sleds start at 10 AM and run through the afternoon
  • It’s first come, first serve, so make sure you’re dressed warmly for the wait. We stood for about an hour
  • Bring cash! It’s $15 per person even if you share the sled
  • Brace for the wind as the dogs pull the sled in a loop! It’s cold out already so if plan to record the ride, have warm gloves and hold your phone tight so the battery doesn’t stop from the cold (we were told iPhones will shut down 10 seconds in and that was accurate)
we made it back with frozen faces
  • Check out Lucky, the leader of the pack, in the front
  • Ride time is 2:39. We recorded this ride but I need to find the video to upload
  • And if you’re wondering why people would do such a thing to dogs, read this:
these dogs are bred to be athletes

❎ Slide down snow hills

  • Bring a little snow sled or garbage can cover because there are little hills where you can just slide down. We saw many people with their sleds and could only look in sadness since we did not prepare for it
  • There is a nice little hill by the Hampton Inn at this cross street that was close to our rental but we didn’t make our way back 😞
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